Windshield Wiper Service and Wiper Blade Replacement

Your windshield wipers serve two purposes. The first and primary role is to keep the car’s windshield clear from precipitation so you as the driver can see out of the front (and sometimes rear) windshields. The second purpose they serve is to clean your windshield from other debris when you activate your windshield washers. 

Windshield wipers are usually comprised of a metal or plastic frame with a rubber “blade” that scrapes across the window to clean it. Over time, the rubber portion wears out and needs to be replaced. Some windshield wiper blades are serviceable where you are able to replace the rubber blade and others require a complete replacement of the wiper blade assembly.

Windscreen wiper blades
Windscreen wiper blades

There is not a specific service interval for wiper blade replacement, however, you may notice that your windshield wipers have physically deteriorated or torn indicating a need for replacement. Other times, you will simply notice that they are not doing a great job cleaning the windshield. They may even make a squeaking noise or vibration as they move across the windshield if they are worn.

One of the things you can do to help prolong the life of your windshield wipers is to not turn them on when your windshield has iced over as the ice can cause the rubber to tear.

Windshield Wiper Motor Function

When you turn on your windshield wipers, an electrical switch activates your windshield wiper motor to allow the wipers to rotate from side to side across the windshield. If the wipers do not turn on when the switch is turned on, there may be an electrical malfunction such as a blown fuse, faulty wiring, bad wipe switch, or a burned-out motor.

Additionally, the mechanical components of the windshield wiper linkage can wear out causing one wiper to not work, or cause them to not work in sync.

Windshield Washer System

Your car is also equipped with a windshield washer system that is made up of a fluid reservoir, a pump, and a series of hoses and nozzles. When the washer switch is pressed it activates the pump which forces washer fluid through the hoses and up to the nozzles that spray onto the windshield so you can clean it.

Common failures of the washer system include clogged nozzles and washer pump failure.

Windshield Wiper Services We Perform:

  • Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement
  • Windshield Wiper System Diagnosis
  • Windshield Washer System Diagnosis

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At Kneble’s Auto Service Center we always want to make the process of getting your car serviced as convenient as possible. To ensure that we can get your car serviced in a timely manner, we ask that you make an appointment.

We are able to accommodate those who desire to wait for their windshield wiper service, as we feature a comfortable waiting area complete with TV, complimentary refreshments, a library, desk, and a charging station. And yes, we even have free Wi-Fi!

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Please note that we offer a shuttle service within a 10 miles radius of the shop (Atlantic City, Ocean City, Estell Manor, Somers Point, and surrounding areas).

Frequently Asked Questions About Windshield Wipers:

When I press the washer switch, I hear a sound, but no fluid comes out, what could cause this?

First, you should check the fluid level to make sure there is fluid in the washer reservoir. If the fluid level is sufficient, then the next culprit could potentially be a broken/leaky hose or a clogged washer nozzle. Our ASE certified technicians are able to properly diagnose this for you if you need further assistance.

When I press the washer switch, I don’t hear any sound, what could cause this?

Typically this is caused by an electrical failure in the washer system. Common causes could be a faulty switch, washer pump failure, blown fuse, or bad wiring.  Since there are so many potential causes, we recommend making an appointment to have one of our ASE certified technicians diagnose the problem.

What kind of fluid should I use for my windshield washers?

You should purchase fluid that specifically says “windshield washer fluid.” Make sure not to confuse this with any other type of fluid as this could contaminate the system and cause an oily film to cover your windshield. Please be aware that some brands of washer fluid are concentrated and need to be mixed with water, while most can be used directly from the container.

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