Is Your Battery Strong Enough to Start in the Cold?

Car won’t start cold? Be thankful your car can cold start. Nancy and Stephanie break down how your battery is tested to explain why weak batteries can’t start in this frigid weather.


Nancy:  You probably don’t give it a thought when you put your key in the ignition and your vehicle starts right up.  How would you feel in frigid temperatures and your vehicle doesn’t start? Hi, I am Nancy at Kneble’s Auto Service Center and this is Stephanie.

Stephanie: That’s a terrible situation to be in but all too common.  Understanding how your vehicle’s battery is tested will help you understand why it won’t start your vehicle.  Batteries are tested under different circumstances. With today’s frigid temperatures, it is important to know the cold cranking amp rating for your battery.

Nancy:  Simply put, this is a measurement in amps of the power your battery has to start the engine in cold temperatures specifically 0 degrees for 30 seconds while sustaining a voltage of at least 7.2 volts for a 12-volt battery.

Stephanie:  Over time, a battery loses its power and doesn’t have the ability to start your vehicle under extreme temperatures. So, if you are concerned that your battery may be lacking power or getting old, have your auto technician test it to see what the cold cranking amp rating is.  Remember when replacing your battery if needed, but the size battery recommended by the manufacturer for your vehicle.

Nancy:  Thank you for watching and share the information with us so no one is left in the cold.  Stay warm on these cold days. Like us on Facebook.