Back to College Trip Check

College is right around the corner. Let’s avoid the potential headache of breaking down during move-in and make sure your young adult’s vehicle is ready for the trek back to school!


Is your a young adult heading back to school and taking their car this semester? Let’s face it. I said young adult, but you and I both know it’s up to us, the parents, to make sure their car is ready for the trip. Hi, I’m Nancy at Kneble’s Auto Service Center. Nobody wants that dreaded phone call that the car broke down. So not only do they have to get towed, now they have to find a repair facility near their school. And now you are relying on them to handle the problem of course with you over the phone. Ugh, just saying that sentence is stressful. So let’s eliminate the stress and be proactive and how that vehicle serviced prior to the trip.

This would include making sure one, the oil change is up to date. Two, are the tires needing rotation? And making sure there is good tire tread for the upcoming winter. Three, have those brakes checked. Make sure they are in good condition. Number four, make sure the windshield wipers are also in good condition and they can handle any rainstorm. Number five, is the engine air and cabin filters dirty? Do they need replacing? And number six, are all the fluids topped off and is the coolant in good condition for the winter?

So have your local car care specialist check out all those things because that’s what we do. Feel free to call us, (609) 625-3286 or click the book button below or contact at Kneble’s Auto. Let’s avoid this and prevent any screaming matches we’re going to have with our young adult over their car.

Share the information with all those parents who have young adults taking over their car back to school with them like the video, because no one wants that dreaded phone call I broke down. Thank you for watching and let’s start this school year off strong.