Clutch Service and Replacement

On a car with a manual transmission, the clutch system contains the components responsible for engaging and disengaging the engine and transmission. Due to the friction created and frequent motion, these components wear out over time and need adjustment or replacement.

How Does the Clutch Work?

When you press on the clutch pedal, the clutch fork presses on the throwout bearing, which in turn depresses the pressure plate. This releases the pressure from the clutch disc to disengage it from the flywheel which is connected to the engine. This constant engagement and disengagement are what causes the clutch disc (made of friction material) to wear over time. Additionally, the throwout bearing can also wear out before the clutch disc, causing a squealing sound whenever the clutch pedal is depressed.

The Clutches Hydraulic System

Most modern clutch systems utilize a hydraulic system to help reduce the amount of pressure required to push on the pedal to operate the clutch. This is similar to a brake system in that is has a master cylinder with a reservoir where the fluid is contained, as well as a slave cylinder that engages the clutch fork. If your clutch pedal becomes more difficult to press down, there is a chance that the hydraulic system has failed. Over time, components in the hydraulic system can also wear out or leak requiring repair or replacement.

Automotive Hydraulic Braking System Infographic Diagram.
Automotive Hydraulic Braking System Infographic Diagram.

Clutch Services and Repairs We Perform:

  • Clutch Hydraulic Fluid Leak Diagnosis
  • Clutch Master Cylinder / Slave Cylinder Replacement
  • Clutch Disc Replacement
  • Clutch Chatter / Noise / Vibration Diagnosis
  • Throw Out Bearing Replacement
  • Flywheel Resurfacing

Ready to Make An Appointment For Your Clutch Service?

At Kneble’s Auto Service Center we always want to make the process of getting your car serviced as convenient as possible. To ensure that we can get your car serviced in a timely manner, we ask that you make an appointment.

We are often able to accommodate those who desire to wait for their clutch service or replacement, however most clutch-related services would require the car to be in the shop all day or possibly overnight.

For those waiting, we feature a comfortable waiting area complete with TV, complimentary refreshments, a library, a desk, and a charging station. And yes, we even have free Wi-Fi!

If you need service and have not made an appointment you can always feel free to call us at (609) 625-3286 to get on the schedule.

Please note that we offer a shuttle service within a 10 miles radius of the shop (Atlantic City, Ocean City, Margate, Pleasantville, and surrounding areas).

Frequently Asked Questions About Clutch Service and Placement:

How Many Miles Should My Clutch Last?

There are many factors that will determine the life of your clutch including whether or not the vehicle is used mostly on the highways, whether or not the vehicle is frequently used for hauling (as with trucks) and the driving habits of the driver. In some cases, a clutch may only last 30,000 miles and in other cases, it might last for 100,000 miles.

When I Switch Gears, I Hear The Car Rev Up; What Could Cause That?

This is referred to as a “clutch slipping” and is typically caused by a worn clutch disc, but in rare cases, it could also be caused by the clutch not fully being allowed to engage due to another factor. It is best to have one of our ASE Certified Technicians to assess the vehicle to make a diagnosis.

When I am Switching Gears, I Feel a Vibration; What Could Cause This?

This could be caused by a few different problems, however, a worn-out pressure plate or an overheated flywheel come to mind initially. Our expert team can make a better diagnosis after inspecting and driving the vehicle.

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