New Jersey Stands Up for Auto Consumers with Right to Repair Notice

Nancy breaks down the law that Governor Phil Murphy signed recently that gives auto consumers the right to repair notice!


New Jersey standing up for auto consumer rights. It’s about time. Hi, I’m Nancy at Knebles Auto Service Center. Now on January 9th our governor signed into law a bill requiring vehicle manufacturers 90 days from the time of purchase to inform owners or lessees that they have the right to have repairs done by an auto repair facility of their choice under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. Now essentially this means you can come here or any other repair shop of your choice, which we talked about in a previous video, so feel free to check that out and learn more about the act. This bill passed unanimously in the New Jersey Assembly and Senate, which shows complete support for the consumer’s rights. Yay. A total bipartisan vote. Look at that. It actually can be done. Yo government. We need more of that bipartisanship. New Jersey lawmakers came together for the citizens.

Now, governor Phil Murphy, you’re on a roll. So we have a few more bills that need passing. This misconception that your vehicle’s warranty will be voided, if not repaired by a dealership, is just that, it’s a misconception. So feel comfortable making the choice of who you want to have repair your vehicle, whether it’s your favorite mechanic or dealership. Don’t be in fear that your vehicle’s warranty will be voided. The choice is in your hands. Thank you for watching and check out a new video every Wednesday at 12:30 where we will discuss a different topic. Some topics may include what does your check engine light mean? What happens if your lug nuts are stripped? Thank you.