Think About Car Resale Value When Purchasing Your Next Vehicle

We all think about all the cool and the latest features when it comes to new cars, but we never think about what happens when we’re about to sell it. Nancy explains why it is smart to think about car resale value prior to purchasing your next new car.


Are you in the market of buying or selling a used vehicle and you’re just not sure the value? Hmm. Hi, I’m Nancy at Kneble’s Auto Service Center. A great point of reference is the Kelley Blue Book. For over 90 years, Kelley Blue Book has provided expertise in the market of used vehicles using a wide variety of data along with the economic climate to determine the resale value. Now, on the website is a complete list of 2020 best resale value course. Some examples are a compact SUV. That award went to Subaru Forester for 2020, and a full-size SUV, GMC Yukon won that award. A Toyota Tundra 2020 won the best full-size pickup truck.

Now the best compact car for resale value went to Subaru Impreza 2020, with a Toyota Avalon getting the full-size vehicle price. Honda Odyssey, that one best minivan for 2020. Understand that being aware of resale value when buying your new vehicle will help when you’re ready to sell that new vehicle as used. Being an informed buyer will assist you in making an educated choice so your vehicle holds its value and appeal.

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