Understanding the Difference in Motor Oils

Did you know there are different types of oil when it comes to oil changes? Nancy breaks it down you!


Do you know the motor oil comes in many different varieties? Hi, I’m Nancy at Kneble’s Auto Service Center. The manufacturer of your vehicle recommends a specific weight oil for your engine based on its function and durability along with the maintenance schedule for your oil changes. For example, full synthetic oil has additives that help clean and protect your engine and will allow you to go longer between oil changes. The weight of the oil is measuring the oil thickness and viscosity. Engines today are more complex and new ways are now available more than ever before. You may notice on your oil cap the type of oil to use for your engine. Otherwise, check your owner’s manual cause the wrong weight oil could possibly harm your engine. So always put the proper oil product and quantity in your vehicle to keep it operating efficiently and last longer.

Now, remember, check your owner’s manual or call your local car care specialist and find out what is recommended for your vehicle. Like us on Facebook, share the video with others so everybody has the proper oil in their engine. And if you have a comment or question, please enter it in the comment section below. Thank you for watching.