Best Location to Install a Car Seat

Are you aware there is an ideal location to install your child’s car seat? Nancy points out the best location to install #TheRightSeat as a part of National Child Passenger Safety Week.


Choices, choices. Where do I put the car seat in my vehicle? Hi, I’m Nancy at Kneble’s Auto Service Center, continuing my series during Child Passenger Safety Week. Let me help you navigate your way through deciding the best location to install the child’s seat. Remember, you will be transporting that precious cargo in the car seat.

Not all vehicle seat positions are the best option. First and foremost, never, ever put a rear-facing seat in the vehicle where an airbag can be deployed. Now, if your only choice is the front seat for this rear-facing car seat, you must, and I emphasize must be able to turn off the airbag to prevent deployment.

The back center seat is considered the safest position, provided your vehicle seat can properly fit the car seat, and the vehicle’s manufacturer allows for it. Always refer to both the manual for the car seat and the vehicle’s manual to assist in picking the safest location for your car seat.
Thank you for watching. Tomorrow we will continue our series at 12:30, where I will be discussing the proper way to install your car seat.