How to Properly Harness Your Child in Their Car Seat

Are you properly harnessing your child in their car seat? Nancy explains the proper way to have your child secure in #TheRightSeat as a part of National Child Passenger Safety Week.


I will assume you have successfully completed viewing car seat series one, two, three and four. That refers to the car seat selection, the car seat direction, the car seat location in the vehicle, and the car seat installation.

You can now feel confident, and put your child in the car seat. Hi, I’m Nancy, at Kneble’s Auto Service Center.

Now, harnessing your child, properly, is the final step in maintaining car seat safety. Make sure your child’s positioned against the back of a car seat, in order to harness them properly. Now, car seats have a three-point or five-point harness system. The five-point harness system has the additional strap and buckle between the child’s legs.

If your child is in a rear-facing seat, then the shoulder straps with the harness should be positioned from below, or at the child’s shoulder.

If the child is in a forward-facing or booster seat, then this shoulder strap should be positioned from above the child’s shoulder. And, the retainer clip should be positioned at the armpit level of the child.

To test that the harness is securely into place, you should not be able to pinch more than an inch of this webbing at the shoulder, or at the hips. And, this is referred to as the Pinch Test.

It is recommended not to place any towels, blankets, or padding under the harness straps unless they’re allowed by the car seat manufacturer.

Rest assured, your child is now snugly secure in their car seat. Thank you for watching. As we want every child safely and properly placed in the car seat. Check out our next video, tomorrow, at 12:30.