Help Add To Our Magic for Toys for Tots!

Drop off a toy at Kneble’s Auto Service Center’s Toy For Tots’ box by December 9th and receive a free gift on us for helping to contribute to the magic of the holidays!


Nancy Kneble: It’s the magical time of the year, Toys For Tots drive. The Marine Corps Reserves runs the program and we are thrilled to be able to participate. Being able to make a child’s Christmas special who otherwise may not get a toy is a wonderful opportunity. Grant, we get to do what we do best, shopping. Wait a minute, Grant, Grant, where are you, Grant?

Gina Kneble: Hello, hello, anyone there?

Nancy Kneble: Do I hear someone?

Gina Kneble: Hello, is this Kneble’s Auto Service Center?

Nancy Kneble: Why, yes it is, and may I ask, who are you?

Gina Kneble: I’m so glad I found you, it only took me six years.

Nancy Kneble: Ooh, I think you’re over exaggerating, six years?

Gina Kneble: Shh, we won’t tell Santa, I’m Gina the elf, head toy consultant for Santa.

Nancy Kneble: Ooh, with an MPH.

Gina Kneble: That’s for sure, I was sent here to oversee your shopping spree because I know Grant gets carried away.

Nancy Kneble: He sure does.

Gina Kneble: But he does not realize I will be the one carrying him away. Now close your eyes for the magic to work, and when I snap, my fingers don’t go berserk. We’re here.

Grant Kneble: How did I get here?

Gina Kneble: Magic, now we arrived and we are ready to buy all of our toys, see this big red bag, we got to fill it. Ready?

Grant Kneble: Sure.

Gina Kneble: Let’s go in. (singing) This bag is heavy, that was so much fun.

Grant Kneble: It was incredibly fun, Gina.

Gina Kneble: We got so many toys for all ages.

Grant Kneble: Wait, how am I going to get home?

Gina Kneble: I’ll get you there by magic. Now we have to go fill out our box, so everyone close our eyes and I’ll take us right back to Kneble’s Auto.

Nancy Kneble: Wow, I can feel the magic, it feels so real.

Gina Kneble: Grant and I had so much fun shopping for all the boys and girls. Look, we were so successful.

Nancy Kneble: You definitely were. Now, remember to drop off a toy by December 9th, at Kneble’s Auto.

Gina Kneble: And with your donation, Kneble’s Auto, will give you a free gift. Happy holidays.

Nancy Kneble: Happy holidays.

Gina Kneble: Are you getting it?