Nancy’s Last Minute Automotive Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Are you struggling with last-minute gift ideas? Nancy breaks down her favorite automotive gifts to get your friends and family!


We’re heading into the home stretch. You’re probably stressing about coming up with that out of box holiday gift idea for a special someone on your list. Hi, I’m Nancy at Kneble’s Auto Service Center. Do you really want to go with those mundane gifts such as socks? I confess I bought these for me. Or pajamas? Once again, I bought these from me.

Well, let me help you out. Now, the easiest item to get from my suggestions is a gift certificate for any service for the vehicle. It’s a guaranteed winner. All right, so if you’re not sure it’s a true winner, how about a trunk organizer for that person who needs a little assistance with tidiness? Wait, how about floor mats? Keep the floor looking good in the vehicle. Or how about out of the box idea, emergency kit with jumper cables, and a first aid kit, and some other things?

If that’s not doing it for you, how about a cell phone holder? Everybody’s got a cell phone, and where do you put it in the car? This one has a magnet that can go on the dash or the window. And for a stocking stuffer idea, of course, a travel model. I hope some of these ideas have sparked your imagination.

Thank you for watching and have a wonderful holiday. And don’t forget to check out a new video every Wednesday at 12:30, where we have a new topic to discuss. Happy holidays.