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Your car’s heating system provides heat to the passenger compartment of the vehicle. It is connected to the cooling system and uses the same fluid (coolant) that keeps the engine cool to heat the engine. Once the engine has reached operating temperature, the thermostat opens to allow the coolant to flow into the heater core which is located inside the passenger compartment of the vehicle. A heater control valve will open or close the flow of coolant to the heater core depending on the position of the “warm to cold” selection on the heater control assembly. The blower motor powers a fan which blows air across the warm heater core and that provides heat to the interior of the vehicle.

The air is forced through a duct system that routes the heat through the various vents in the car. The system uses a series of blend doors, operated by electrical and vacuum controlled actuators to direct the flow of air to the top of the dashboard (for defrost), directly towards the passengers in the car, or towards the floor to provide heat for the feet. If you are directing the flow of heat to your face or feet, but not feeling a change, you may have a problem with one of the actuators that control the blend doors.

Here is an overview of how the heating system works:

Illustration of an automotive heating/cooling system infographic diagram.
Illustration of an automotive heating/cooling system infographic diagram.

Heating System Services We Perform:

  • No Heat Diagnosis
  • Heater System Diagnostics
  • Heater Core Replacement

Ready to Make An Appointment For Your Heating System Service?

At Kneble’s Auto Service Center we always want to make the process of getting your car serviced as convenient as possible. To ensure that we can get your car serviced in a timely manner, we ask that you make an appointment for your service. 

We are able to accommodate those who desire to wait for their heating system service as we feature a comfortable waiting area complete with TV, complimentary refreshments, a library, desk, and a charging station. And yes, we even have free Wi-Fi!

In some cases, we may determine that the car needs to stay overnight either due to the time required for service or the unavailability of parts.

If you need service and have not made an appointment you can always feel free to call us at (609) 625-3286 to get on the schedule.

Please note that we offer a shuttle service within a 10 miles radius of the shop (Somers Point, Ocean City, Margate, Brigantine, and surrounding areas).

Frequently Asked Questions About Heating Systems:

I Turned The Heat On But It Is Blowing Cold Air; What Could Cause This?

Assuming the car is at operating temperature, several things could cause a lack of heat. A low coolant level, a faulty thermostat, or a faulty heater control valve are a few common reasons. For an accurate diagnosis, please contact us to make an appointment to have a further inspection.

I Turned The Heat Switch On And Nothing Happened, What Could Cause This?

A failure in the electrical circuit of your car’s heating system such as a blown fuse or bad heater control assembly may be the cause. An accurate diagnosis can only be made by having one of our ASE Certified Technicians physically assess your vehicle. Please contact us to make an appointment to have a further inspection.

The Fan Will Only Work at One Speed, Regardless of Where I Move the Switch. What Could Cause This?

A malfunctioning blower resistor or heater control assembly could produce this symptom. For further diagnosis, please contact us so we can schedule an appointment for one of our ASE Certified Technicians to inspect your heating system.

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