Wheel Bearing Replacement

Wheel bearings are the components located at each wheel that allow the wheel to rotate smoothly on the hub or axle without creating excess friction or heat. They are made of durable metal materials as they have to support the weight of the vehicle while performing their job of facilitating a smooth rotation of the wheels.

There are two types of wheel bearing systems used in cars today. The first – and most popular – is a closed wheel bearing system, and the second is a wheel bearing system comprised of an inner and outer bearing that can be serviced.

A closed wheel bearing cannot be serviced, and therefore needs to replaced if it fails. Wheel bearings are either pressed onto the wheels hub assembly or replaced as a complete hub and bearing assembly.

Illustration of an Automotive Wheel Bearing
Illustration of an Automotive Wheel Bearing

Serviceable type wheel bearings are made up of an inner and outer bearing that reside within a wheel hub or axle and require periodic lubrication, which is performed by re-packing them with wheel bearing grease. These type of wheel bearing assemblies can also become loose over time if not serviced, which can result in vibration or noise when braking.

Kneble’s Auto Service Center can perform the following wheel bearing services:

  • Replace Wheel Bearings
  • Replace Wheel Bearing & Hub Assembly 
  • Repack Wheel Bearings

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At Kneble’s Auto Service Center we always want to make the process of getting your car serviced as convenient as possible. To ensure that we can get your car serviced in a timely manner, we ask that you make an appointment for your wheel bearing service. 

We are able to accommodate those who desire to wait for their wheel bearing service as we feature a comfortable waiting area complete with TV, complimentary refreshments, a library, desk, and a charging station. And yes, we even have free Wi-Fi!

In some cases, we may determine that the car needs to stay overnight either due to the time required for service or the unavailability of parts.

If you need service and have not made an appointment you can always feel free to call us at (609) 625-3286 to get on the schedule.

Please note that we offer a shuttle service within a 10 miles radius of the shop (Somers Point, Ocean City, Margate, Brigantine, and surrounding areas).

Frequently Asked Questions About Wheel Bearings:

How do I know if My Car Has Bearings That Need to Be Serviced?

If you have a front-wheel-drive vehicle, you most likely have sealed bearings that do not need service. Many rear-wheel-drive cars have also adapted to using sealed wheel bearings. You can consult your owners manual if you are still unsure or you can contact one of our service advisors who can further assist you in checking.

How Do I Know if a Wheel Bearing Needs to Be Replaced?

Wheel bearings will make noise when they are failing however it can be hard for an untrained ear to distinguish between wheel bearing noise, road noise, and tire noise. One sign that may lean towards the noise being a faulty wheel bearing is if you hear the noise increase when you are turning, as this will put more strain on the bearing and cause the noise to be more pronounced.

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