Have You Ever Heard of a PCV Valve?

Do you know what the positive crankcase ventilation valve do for your vehicle? Nancy explains all about the lesser-known PCV Valve!


What is this? Have you ever heard of a PCV valve? Does your vehicle have a PCV valve? What does it even do? When do I need to change and get a new one? Hi, I’m Nancy at Kneble’s Auto Service Center. PCV Valve stands for positive crankcase ventilation, which is found in all vehicles that have combustion engines. It acts the same way when you take a deep breath and let it out. Doesn’t that feel good? Having your vehicles fumed properly ventilated, which is considered part of your mission system, was required since the 1960s. The PCV valve pulls leftover combustion gases from the oil pan in the bottom of the engine and sends them back to the engine where they are burned up instead of going into the air.

Replacing your PCV valve may not necessarily be listed on a maintenance schedule for your vehicle. It does deteriorate over time and get gummed up and not work properly. This may cause pressure to build up, and ultimately cause oil leaks. So if recommended to be replaced by your order technician, you’re going to understand what the operation of the PCV valve does. Keep on top of your recommended manufactured services so your vehicle doesn’t let you down. Thank you for watching. Share with others. Let them understand what the purpose of the PCV valve is. Like us on Facebook. And remember, next time you come in, mention Kneble with a K and get 10% off of your labor. Thank you again.