How Alternators Can Stop You in Your Tracks

Nancy explains what your alternator does in your vehicle and how it can stop your car in its tracks!


How horrible it is to be driving along and suddenly your vehicle stops.

Hi, I’m Nancy at Kneble’s Auto Service Center. This scenario could very well be possible due to a bad alternator.

Your alternator’s purpose is to charge your battery while you’re driving. The alternator powers the electrical system and the battery. It’s not designed to recharge a low, or dead, battery.

With computers operating vehicles, alternators usually run at, or near, its maximum output capacity. A fun fact, today’s alternators have a higher amp output than, typically, they did in the 70s.

A fully-loaded car can use 55 to 60 amp alternator, and typically, today’s alternates have a maximum output of upwards to 180. a low, or bad, the battery can put a strain on that alternator.

Understand how your vehicle operates, will better help you understand your repairs.

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