Shocking Knowledge of Car Batteries

Nancy is ELECTRIFYING in this video as she shares some SHOCKING tips about Car Batteries!


You’re going to be so charged up from watching this video because it’s electrifying. Hi, I’m Nancy at Kneble’s Auto Service Center. Do you know that 70% of vehicle batteries don’t last past four years? Unless you have an electric or hybrid vehicle, your battery can last up to eight years. This means over the life of owning your vehicle, you’re purchasing one or two batteries. Now batteries are maintenance-free, but be proactive. Has your battery tested annually? We do it for free because there is nothing worse than being late for an appointment because your car doesn’t start. Or really importantly, having that ice cream not melt after you go to the supermarket and being stuck in the car because the car doesn’t start. There are some things you can do to extend the life of the battery. You can check your battery terminals, make sure they’re free of corrosion and tight on the battery.

The battery cables that are connected to the terminals, make sure there’s no corrosion on them and they’re not loose. Now the battery can be discharged over the grime on the top of the battery casing. So when you go to clean your battery, remember the battery has sulfuric acid in it, so you don’t want the corrosion to touch your skin. If you’re running the accessories or lights on your car without the vehicle running, you’re running down the battery, which is not good for it. And quick short trips all the time in your vehicle don’t allow the battery to be fully charged as it takes an alternator about 20 minutes to charge your battery. Now when you go to buy the battery that you so need, check your owner’s manual. The manufacturer has determined the group that is appropriate for your vehicle. The group refers to the dimensions of the battery, the size, their different sizes.

You want to have the appropriate size fit snugly in your battery tray. Also, know that batteries have dates on them when they’re manufactured, so you don’t want to be buying an old battery that has been sitting on the shelf. The other thing to know is batteries have what they called CCA. That stands for cold cranking amps. That’s how much energy it takes to start your vehicle in zero degrees for 30 seconds. Now, remember the ambient temperature also can be a factor. This battery is an MTP. That’s a Mega-Tron plus, that has higher cold-cranking amps. But check your owner’s manual, make sure you find the appropriate battery for your vehicle.

Batteries also have warranties. These are a factor with the price. Warranties on batteries can be something like 24/60. Now the 24 signifies that for the first 24 months if you have a problem with your battery, it will be a free replacement, and the 60 signifies the battery will last for 60 months or five years. That’s the warranty. So check the owner’s manual, buy the right size battery and happy charging that battery. Keep the car running. I hope you enjoy the video. Press the like button, share the information, press the share button, and if you have any comments or questions below, put them in the common section. This is not a paid advertisement from Interstate. Thank you for watching.