Understanding the Altitude’s Effect on Your Vehicle

Does being in the mountains or down by the beach affect your vehicle? Nancy explains how altitude plays a factor with your car!


Can the altitude affect the running of your vehicle? Does it matter if you’re driving in the mountains as opposed to driving on the shores of New Jersey where you’re above sea level? Hi, I’m Nancy at Kneble’s Auto Service Center.

Absolutely, altitude can have an impact on your engine performance, so as you drive into the mountains, the air gets thinner, causing less oxygen in the fuel mixture. Therefore, the vehicle has more difficulty breathing in thinner air as we do. Also, air pressure decreases with the increase of the attitude, and this can mean less air getting into the cylinders. This will cause the engine to run rich and having less power. Now today’s technology is designed to help compensate for environmental changes. Engines are designed using precise engineering. The proper mixture of air, fuel, and spark are needed to have your engine run efficiently. Advanced sensor control systems are used to help correct the environmental change your vehicle experiences, as opposed to those vehicles when they had carburetors.

So next time you’re driving in a higher altitude like in the mountains. Notice your engine performance being sluggish? You’re probably correct. Thank you for watching and share the information with others, especially your friend who’s going to be planning to drive in the mountains.

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