6 Steps to Prepare Your Car for Spring


Most people don’t realize that winter weather is harsh on their vehicle.  They don’t know there 6 things that can be done to their vehicle to get it ready for spring to help extend the life of the vehicle and avoid pricey repairs to their suspension.

Hi, I am Nancy at Kneble’s Auto Service Center. I know you aren’t one of those people and you know the 6 things to do to prepare your vehicle since the winter weather especially the brine on the roads can wreak havoc on your vehicle.  But for those of you who want a review,

  1. Check your brakes, notice if they making any noises?
  2. Check your alignment.  Potholes and rough winter road conditions can cause your vehicle to be misaligned turning into costly repairs.
  3. Which brings me to #3, check your tire condition including tread wear and tread depth.
  4.  Check your wipers because with spring comes April showers
  5. Check your fluid levels including the coolant as coolant keeps the engine operating at the proper temperature.
  6. And finally, #6.  Be nice to your vehicle and give it a bath.  Wash the dirt and salt off the vehicle especially from the undercarriage as it can lead to rust over time.

Take care of your vehicle and it will be dependable for you.  Thank you for watching.