Avoid a Vibrating Steering Wheel with a Control Arm Replacement

Have you noticed a vibration in your steering wheel similar to a massage chair? Nancy explains how a bad control arm is not only aggravating but also become hazardous to yourself and your passengers!


If you have a noise you’ve never heard before, or your steering wheel is vibrating, or your vehicle is pulling left or right, then quite possibly you could have bad control arm or arms.

Schedule to see your auto technician and have your vehicle assessed to determine the cause before it gets worse and becomes unsafe.

Hi. I’m Nancy at Kneble’s Auto Service Center.

Control arms are just that. They act like arms connecting your vehicle’s frame or body to the suspension. They’re attached through a bolt joint which allows the vehicle’s wheels to turn. Depending on your vehicle as to whether you have two sets—an upper or lower—or just one set.

So pay attention to the noises your vehicle makes. Bad control arms can make your vehicle unsafe to drive.

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