Difference Between Cabin Air Filters Versus Engine Air Filter

Are you familiar with the difference between cabin air filters and engine air filters? Nancy exposes the dirt that may be clogging your vehicle!


What is the difference between the cabin air filter and the engine air filter? Are your filters dirty? Do they need changing and why do they need changing?

Hi, I’m Nancy at Kneble’s Auto Service Center. Now the cabin air filter, that cleans the air that comes into the vehicle’s cabin through the ventilation system. This filter cleans the air of those dust, pollen and dirt you’re breathing inside your vehicle.

Now the engine air filter filters away any dust, dirt, debris, pollen also that would be entering into the engine or the fuel system. Just like the nose hairs on your nose that filter out any foreign particles from reaching your lungs. Clean air filters help improve engine performance and efficiency.

Now recommendations to changing these filters vary by the manufacturer. Also, it also varies on the condition of your driving as far as being in a city of poor air quality or in the desert where there’s a lot of sand and dirt. These factors will determine how often you change your filter.

Now I recommend having your filters checked every time you get an oil change. It will truly determine the condition of the filters and if they actually need changing. Help you and your car breathe easily.

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