Learn How Engine Decarbonization Can Potentially Improve Your MPG


Hi, I’m Nancy at Kneble’s Auto Service Center. Does your vehicle act sluggish? Does it not get the fuel miles it used to get? Is it having a rough idle or even stalling? Now I know what you’re gonna say. You’ve watched every one of my videos, and you know the importance of vehicle recommended maintenance and you followed it. But you’re still having these problems. So, I’m going to recommend to you and engine de-carbonization cleaning.

Now, as the automobile industry has advanced, so has the design of the engines. We now have DI or direct injection, engines. It gives you better performance and better fuel miles. That is where the gasoline is injected directly into the engine’s combustion chamber under high pressure.

Fuel is more precisely measured than our conventional fuel injection systems or the old-time cooperators. So, when you combine the DI engines, the direct injection engines, and your turbochargers, you’re getting better performance and better fuel miles.

But with that, there’s a downside. You now can get the carbon buildup and a clogged fuel system. So, no longer can the fuel coming out of your fuel injector be a fine mist, but it becomes an inconsistent dribble. Terra Clean, a revolutionary fuel system cleaning, will be able to clean the fuel system and remove the carbon build-up on the catalytic converter or oxygen sensors. Which can affect your emissions and cause you to fail New Jersey state inspection. So, consider that a tune-up for your fuel system. As we know, every system needs a tune-up.

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