Save Your Engine By Checking Your Car’s Oil Level

Have you ever experienced a dead battery and can’t figure out why? Nancy and Stephanie help solve that mystery for you.


Nancy: Do you know if there is oil in your vehicle right now?

Stephanie: Do you know how important oil is for your vehicle? Hi, I am Stephanie at Kneble’s Auto Service Center and this is my mother

Nancy: Hi, I am Nancy. Oil is just like the blood in your body. It is vital for your vehicle to operate.

Stephanie: Oil keeps the moving parts lubricated to prevent excessive wear of the parts. Helps clean the surfaces, keeps the engine cool and sealed properly.

Nancy: Unfortunately, all too often we have seen vehicles coming to our shop with little to no oil in their engine. This can cause devasting results as needing a new engine.

Stephanie: Don’t let this happen to you. Maintain the proper schedule for your oil changes. Periodically check your oil level between oil changes as many models use full synthetic oil which would allow longer time between oil changes. Older vehicles can be burning oil and you may not know you are low in oil until it is too late.

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