Solve the Mystery of the Unexplained Dead Battery


Nancy:  Have you ever experienced a dead battery and can’t figure out why?  You didn’t leave lights on and your battery test good. Hi, I am Nancy at Kneble’s Auto Service Center and this is Stephanie.

Stephanie:  Hi, have you heard of a parasitic battery drain. This is when a continuous or abnormal discharge of power happens even when your engine is off.  This can be a result of a short circuit or some electrical component remains on.

Nancy:  Such as your trunk drawing power, a light under the hood or in the glove compartment, possibly a switch or even a computer in your vehicle can still be on for 30 minutes or more after the vehicle is shut off and the key is removed from the ignition.  

Stephanie:  With today’s vehicles operated by computers, testing your battery to find out the reason it failed is more complicated.  There are different tests to perform to help determine the cause.

Nancy:  Make sure your battery won’t fail you.  Have it tested today. Thanks for watching.  Like us on Facebook and share the information with others. No one should have their battery fail them.