Understanding the Importance of Motor Mounts

What could possibly cause that noise in your engine or that excessive vibration in your car? Nancy explains the importance of motor mounts!


What could possibly cause the noise in your engine or causing that excessive vibration? Quite possibly it’s your motor or transmission mounts. They could either be cracked or broken. I bet you never would have considered that. Hi, I’m Nancy at Kneble’s Auto Service Center. Motor mounts are the component that secures your engine and transmission to the body of the vehicle. They’re made metal and rubber. The metal is designed to withstand that force and torque caused by the engine and the rubber are used to absorb and lessen that vibration generated.

Now when it’s time for a motor mount to replace, there are definite signs. The noise coming from that engine area. If the motor mount is starting to become damaged, worn or broken, then you might hear a clunking or banging noise or some other sounds like the engine shifts excessively. Excessive vibration will occur if the rubber bushing starts to wear out or break.

This may cause the entire vehicle to shake, making it a very uncomfortable ride. With dead engine mounts, the engine will move in the engine compartment, which would cause the engine to become misaligned, which will in turn cause that engine to sag or droop in place. If you hear a noise and you feel a vibration, don’t hesitate to check it out with your local car care specialists.

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