What To Do When Your Check Engine Light is On and Blinking

Is your check engine light on? Is it blinking Nancy explains what happens what that means and how to handle the situation!


Is your check engine light on? Is it flashing at you? Don’t ignore that.

Hi, I’m Nancy at Kneble’s Auto. That flashing check engine light can mean a misfire in your engine and ignoring that can lead to further damage to your vehicle, which will also be costly repairs.

Now for those of you, whose check engine light is not flashing and is on, a simple fix may check your gas cap. If it’s loose, tighten your gas cap and you may have to drive for several miles for that check engine light to go out.

And for the rest of you, whose check engine light is on and their gas cap is tight, understand that it produced codes in your computer. Now these codes are read by a code reader. We plug it into the computer of your vehicle and we get codes from the check engine light.

Now, this code reader is like a thermometer. A thermometer takes your temperature and reads that you have a fever, but it doesn’t tell you why you have a fever. So the code reader reads the codes from your vehicle, but it doesn’t tell you what the repairs are to fix the codes. That requires further diagnostics.

Now, the check engine light can produce one or a multiple of codes. The more codes you have maybe more extensive diagnostics to determine the repair.

Also, remember for those of you who have to get their New Jersey state inspection, if your check engine light is on, remember you’re going to fail. So find out why your check engine light is on. Have it fixed.

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