Six Services You May Need Before Driving Into This Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving coming up fast, Nancy explains six services your vehicle may need to make sure you’re able to get to your turkey dinner safely on one of the biggest travel holidays of the year.


We’re heading into the most highly traveled time of the year as the holidays are quickly coming upon us. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Now, of course, my kids, they’ve already given me the list of their favorite sides to make. And here I thought I’d get out of making dinner this year, but I’m not going to disappoint them. Kids, don’t worry, I got you.

Hi, I’m Nancy at Kneble’s Auto Service Center, and I want to help you be a step ahead of any potential problems you may incur with your car. Whether you need to shop for Thanksgiving dinner, as I do, drive to family or friends for the dinner, or get to the airport, make sure your vehicle is reliable. Have a trip check done by your auto technician.

As part of having your vehicle checked over, you need to know does your vehicle needs an oil change? Are your tires in good condition, and do they have the correct amount of air pressure in them? Do you need washer fluid to keep the windshield clean? Does your battery give you problems when starting your vehicle? Are your belts showing signs of cracking? And do you hear a squealing noise from them? Is your coolant in good condition for the upcoming cold weather?

Don’t have your vehicle let you down. It needs to be dependable. Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. And kids, be nice to your mom and help them with the dishes. Hint, hint, my kids.