The Advantages of an Electric Car vs Fuel Powered Car

Nancy discusses some of the advantages of an electric car for your next vehicle.


When it comes time to purchase a new car, are you contemplating gas or electric-powered vehicle? Well, let me give you some food for thought. Hi, I’m Nancy at Kneble’s Auto Service Center. First and foremost, the obvious huge benefit for purchasing an electrical vehicle: no more waiting at the gas pumps, no more throwing away that money for gas, because the average driver spends about $2,000 a year on gasoline. Now the average driver of an EV or electrical vehicle spends about $540 a year, which translates to having 500 watt light bulbs running continuously for a year to power the EV traveling about 15,000 miles. Second, do your part for the planet. Electrical vehicles are emission-free. Climate change is real. Also, no more oil changes. A disadvantage, the fear of running out of juice before you get to a charging station, but technically you could run out of gas before you go to a gas station.

Now, you may want to install a charging station at your home, but not really necessary because there are over 16,000 charging stations throughout the year, translating to 44,781 outlets with over 1,008 superchargers throughout the United States. Now 85% of current EV owners plug at home. They plug it in overnight in a normal outlet that they use, like a vacuum cleaner for. Some owners install a level two or 240-volt charger at their home. The reason why? It goes from 18 hours to charge with a normal 110-volt outlet down to about three hours. Also, when it’s time to purchase the battery that usually lasts about 10 years, it can run over a thousand dollar. Electrical vehicles range from about 84 miles going on a single charge to anywhere up to 350 miles on a single charge, for example in your Teslas. Now be aware there are factors that draw on the energy of the battery.

If you use your air conditioning and heat, that can draw on the battery. The speed, the higher the speed you go in the vehicle, which takes more energy to overcome that air resistance draws on the battery. Cargo. If you have heavy cargo in your vehicle, drawing on the battery. Now, remember, do your homework to determine the right vehicle to purchase to meet your needs. But eventually, all vehicles are going to be powered solely by electric. Volvo stated by 2019 they’re going to start to go totally electric. GM and Ford plan to follow suit. That’s the Jag, the Land Rover, the Aston Martin. And you’re going to see manufacturers also transition. What do you think? Share the video. Have a conversation. Like it, give it a thumbs up. Happy shopping. Remember, thank you for watching.