The Top 5 Mechanical Failures That Cause Car Accidents

Stephanie steps in to explain what aspects of your car are left unrepaired causing these avoidable accidents!


Car accident. No one wants to hear those dreaded two words.

Hi, I’m Stephanie from Kneble’s Auto Service Center. Be proactive before you’re involved in a car accident.

According to the US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety, aside from the driver is at fault, accidents have also been linked to mechanical failure. The number one reason for mechanical failure causing 35% of crashes are tires. The two problems drivers experience with tires are blowouts and worn tires. When you have a blowout, your ability to handle your vehicle greatly diminishes, which can lead to crashes. When you have worn tires, the tire tread is no longer able to grip the road, thus losing traction. Also, low tire tread depth makes it difficult for the tires to disperse water or snow, causing your vehicle to slip and slide, which can again lead to crashes. Be aware of the condition of your tires along with making sure your alignment is good, so your tires don’t wear out faster.

22% of all crashes are due to the number two reason for mechanical crashes, faulty brakes. This can be from worn breaks to a faulty ABS not working to no brakes, from your hydraulic lines leaking brake fluid. Make sure your braking system is working properly.

Number three reason for crashes for mechanical failure is steering, suspension, and transmission. Is your vehicle responding when you turn your steering wheel and is the response time appropriate? Does your vehicle accelerate on demand? Make sure your vehicle is operating properly.

Number four reason for possible accidents is your lights. Is your vehicle seen in any weather conditions? Make sure your lights operate properly, including the blinkers.

The final, five, possible mechanical failure is your wipers. Make sure your windshield wipers are working and clear the windshield off so you have no visibility problems. You don’t want streaks or debris left on the windshield from your worn-out wipers.

Do your due diligence and make sure your vehicle is operating properly as you never want to be in an accident, especially accident from mechanical failure.

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