Understanding the New Jersey State Inspection

Do not let your Inspection Sticker expire! Nancy explains what is needed for your New Jersey State Inspection so you don’t get a ticket!


Are you in jeopardy of being stopped by the police, possibly getting a ticket? In the left-hand corner of your windshield, do you know what the date is on your New Jersey state inspection sticker? Is it time to have your vehicle inspected, are you possibly past due?

Hi, I’m Nancy at Kneble’s Auto Service Center. Did you know you can have your vehicle inspected up to two months prior to its due date? Now the items you will need for your New Jersey state inspection is the registration, the insurance card. Now make sure the insurance card is not a facsimile or an email saying you’re insured. And make sure that the registration and the insurance card are in the same name. And of course, you will need your driver’s license. Make sure that’s valid. Now, when you go to the state or private facility to have your vehicle inspected, only emissions are tested.

And the reason why? Because here in New Jersey, we want to help improve the quality of air. But as an added service here at Kneble’s Auto, we’re going to let you know if your lights are not working, if your brakes are not operating properly, and we’re going to inform you of your tire condition. Why? Because we’ve got your back. You could possibly get a summons for having an unsafe vehicle. Now if the vehicle passes, then you get a new sticker put in the corner of your windshield, replacing the old one. If your vehicle fails, repairs are required. No grace period. State facilities, they issue a red sticker. But here at Kneble’s Auto private facilities, we don’t get red stickers. We have to cut your sticker in half. Now if you fail, you have two options. You can take your vehicle to a licensed emissions repair facility. Here at Kneble’s Auto, we are.

Or you can fix your own vehicle. Now, you fix your own vehicle, keep those receipts of the parts you purchased as you will need to present them at the time of the re-inspection. The timeframe to repair is one month from the last day of the month that is on your sticker on your windshield.

But remember, at any time, law enforcement can give you a summons for equipment out of compliance, meaning failure to repair. Be aware there are some exemptions for not needing a New Jersey state inspection, such as vehicles that are 1995 or older. Now, check to see if you’re following those parameters.

Now, for any of those who moved to New Jersey and you’ve been for here for at least six months, you’re required to transfer that vehicle’s title to New Jersey regardless of whether there’s a lien or no lien on the vehicle. And then you have 60 days once you’ve established residence to register the vehicle, and then you have 14 days to inspect it.

Welcome to New Jersey. Push the share button. Welcome everybody in New Jersey. Informed them about the New Jersey state process. Press the like button. Any comments or questions below. I’d be happy to answer. Enjoy living in New Jersey.